Welcome back Cyber Hero!

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The second week of super hero training is upon us and we all play a critical role in protecting our companies from cyberattacks.

So, let’s find out which cyber hero you are.

Add your power to our League of Cofenders.

Download your own Poster and League of Cofenders screensaver and show your superheroic pride with your own Cofender icon for your computer, laptop, workstation or phone!

Check out our badging program and add your Cofender identity.

Collect all the identities of your colleagues and build your own badge League of Cofenders.

Warn the bad guys that you are ready by posting a pic of yourself, your poster and your own thoughts with

the hashtag #Cofenders to social media!

See you in training, superhero!

Download your super gear here to start your cyber hero training. Please fill out the form to download your supergear.