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Date: 2018-07-17 09:00 - 2018-07-19 17:00

Venue: networks Unlimited Centurion  |  City: Centurion, South Africa

This bootcamp is an onboarding program designed in a way to give your engineers/presales/postsales/consultants who are newly recruited or assigned as F5 champions a fast track path to accelerate their knowledge and skillsets in F5 solutions and give them the maximum first hand exposure on the different F5 modules. It’s a very intensive 3 days bootcamp with split into theory and hands-on skills so we will need full dedication from the participants. The participant should be able to fully attend the 3 days to be enrolled into this bootcamp.


This Technical Bootcamp is suitable for:

  • ·         Presales engineers
  • ·         Postsales (implementation) engineers
  • ·         Consultants/Architects


F5 and Networks Unlimited is happy to fund 15 seats for your team for this bootcamp. Please nominate the attendees and forward them the above invitation (hyperlink has been included for them to register).

Below is some information on the bootcamp prerequisites which has to be completed by the participant before the bootcamp starts.

Before starting the prerequisites, please make sure you have an F5 Partner Center account. If you don’t, please register @ https://partners.f5.com/. Let Esti Bosch esti.bosch@nu.co.za and Benjamin Kewley benjamin.kewley@nu.co.za  know once you have registered so that we can enable full access to F5 University online learnings.


This is a three-day course, designed to run from 9AM to 5PM.  Please refer to the following schedule, which is also available in the appendix of the Participant Workbook.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Welcome & Introductions

AFM: Introduction to F5 Firewall

(Lecture and exercise)

APM: Overview, Configuring, Network Access
(lecture and exercise)

Synthesis, BIG-IP Modules, and LTM Fundamentals Review




LTM Advanced Topics: Device and Traffic Groups
(lecture and exercise)

AFM: Introduction to F5 Firewall

(Lecture and exercise) Continued

APM: Dynamic Webtops, Resources and Configuring  SSL VPN Web Access (lecture and exercise)




BIG-IP LTM Architecture and Design

Introduction to ASM

Using ASM to Verify Website Vulnerabilities
(lecture and exercise)

ASM: Creating and Updating a Security Policy
(lecture and exercise)

WebSafe Fraud Protection Solution (Introduction & Demo)




BIG-IP LTM Lab Activity

ASM: Tuning a Security Policy
(lecture and exercise)

Introduction to F5 Silverline DDoS & Managed WAF in the Cloud

Please prioritize the following tasks and complete them in this order:

  1. LTM Fundamentals
  2. vLab preparation, configuration and licensing
  3. F5 Accreditations (3 of them…)

Bootcamp Prerequisites

The prerequisites below should be completed in order of priority listed below.

  1. 1.       vLab Installation

Please refer to attached document.

Laptop Requirements (Please use vLab Files 4)

You will need complete the vLab requirements on a laptop, and bring this laptop to class.

Windows or a Mac laptop with at least 16GB of free disk space and at least 8GB of RAM (16GB is recommended). You need to download these virtual images:

  • ·         VMware Workstation 9.0.0 or higher
  • ·         BIGIP-
  • ·         LAMP_v4
  • ·         DoS_Tool_4.0
  • ·         SE_vLab_Package_v16.zip.
  • ·         Windows_Server_2008_v1.zip
  • ·         Windows_7_External_v2.zip (if you’re running on Mac or running Windows 10)

You will need a BIG-IP Lab license, please contact esti.bosch@nu.co.za when you reach the stage of requiring the BIG-IP Lab-VE license.

  1. 2.    LTM Fundamentals
    LTM Fundamentals consists of 11 training modules which include eLearning presentations, hands-on exercises, and assessments. You must complete the full LTM fundamentals course, including the hands-on exercises, to ensure that your knowledge and skills are at the correct level to participate in the boot camp. Hands-on exercises, and vLab installation instructions, are available in the LTM Fundamentals Hands-On Exercise Guide, located within the LTM Fundamentals course on F5 University.


To get started with your prerequisites, you will need to access F5 University. If you have not yet set up an F5 University account, please register online F5 Partners Portal: https://partners.f5.com. Make sure you select the option to get access to the Partner Resource Center. You’ll receive an acknowledgement once your account request is approved. It should take long to get the approval, but let me know if you don’t receive it by noon the following day.

Once your account is approved, log on to F5 University, and locate the prerequisite training you need to complete. For LTM fundamentals, Click Training Catalog on the menu on the left, and then expand the Product and Solution training menu. LTM Fundamentals is the first course in the list under Product and Solution Training. (Please note that there is an older course named LTM Essentials. Do not select this course.)

  1. 3.       F5 Technical Sales and Security Accreditations

Complete the following two Accreditations highlighted in yellow on F5 University (you must have an account on the partners portal https://partners.f5.com/):

  1. a) F5 Security Accreditation

Summary : The F5 Security Accreditation for sales and technical roles will give you a framework and reference resource for F5’s unique and powerful security solutions

  1. b) F5 Technical Sales Accreditation

Summary : The F5 Technical Sales Accreditation provides sales engineers with information on F5’s functionality, benefits and core deployment architectures

  1. c) F5 Sales Accreditation

Summary : The F5 Sales Accreditation helps sales professionals identify F5 sales opportunities


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