Tintri provides enterprises and cloud service providers with an enterprise cloud platform that offers public cloud capabilities inside their own data centers. Combining cloud management software, web services and a range of all-flash storage systems, Tintri not only delivers many of the benefits of public cloud infrastructure including agility and automation, but also gives organizations the control and better economics they need to build agile development environments for cloud native applications and to run mission critical enterprise applications. 

Organizations use Tintri enterprise cloud as a foundation for their private clouds—to guarantee the performance of their applications, automate common IT tasks to reduce operating expenses, troubleshoot across compute, storage and network, predict their organization’s needs to scale and provide needed elasticity on demand. Tintri enables organizations to easily scale to support tens of thousands of virtual machines or mixed workloads on a single system across multiple hypervisors. It also enables organizations to develop customized workflows and to automate their operations. Tintri addresses a large variety of use cases, including server virtualization, virtual desktop infrastructure, disaster recovery and data protection, and development operations, or DevOps.

With Tintri, organizations can scale effortlessly from several TBs to many PB, spin up and tear down virtual machines and move applications and troubleshoot all by just a few mouse clicks. What used to take months, weeks, or days, can be done in a fraction of the time. Tintri enterprise cloud helps organizations to improve speed to market and provides IT as a service to internal business groups. 


Tintri puts the agility of public cloud inside your data center. Tintri’s all-flash architecture uses building blocks similar to public cloud—to simply manage enterprise and cloud native applications. Customers guarantee the performance of their applications, automate common IT tasks via Open APIs, troubleshoot across their infrastructure, and predict an organisation’s needs to scale—the underpinnings of a modern data center. That’s why leading cloud service providers and enterprises, including Comcast, Chevron, NASA, Toyota, United Healthcare and 20% of the Fortune 100, trust Tintri with enterprise cloud. 


Manage multiple workloads from a single all-flash array in minutes per day

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Your virtual footprint is growing. The number of applications battling for resources has increased. There are still only 24 hours in a day. Something’s gotta give. How can you make sure it’s not your storage? With Tintri VM-aware storage, built specifically for virtualized databases & servers, VDI, DevOps and Cloud solutions.

Simple storage for complex problems

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Let’s speak plainly. The vast majority of storage—legacy providers and newcomers alike—use a decades-old architecture designed for physical workloads. But your data center’s future isn’t physical—it’s virtualization and cloud. Tintri all-flash storage is built exclusively for virtual workloads. We don’t make compromises—we simply guarantee the performance of every virtualized application.

More VMs, smaller footprint

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You can pack far more virtual machines into Tintri’s smaller, power-sipping all-flash array. But you can still avoid resource conflicts because Tintri isolates each VM in its own lane. And you can easily manage multiple workloads on a single storage platform—saving you time and money.


Key Tintri capabilities

  • Autonomous operation for guaranteed performance - Autonomously delivers consistent performance using pre-defined QoS metrics. Tintri isolates every application in its own lane to eliminate all conflict with zero admin intervention. Enterprises and cloud service providers can even establish service tiers with per-VM QoS.
  • Deep Analytics—Improve decisions with real-time and predictive analysis. Troubleshoot across infrastructure in real-time to see the source (compute, network or storage) of latency. Predict precise needs for capacity and performance up to 18 months into the future
  • Automation -Simplify development and management at scale. Tintri systems act as a single, federated pool of storage capacity, allowing customers to add capacity and performance by automatically optimizes the location of every virtual machine across within their storage infrastructure.
  • Data protection and disaster recovery – Maintain seamless operation by using Tintri for both primary and secondary storage. Protection of individual VMs instead of LUNs reduces WAN usage by 95% or more. Tintri delivers DP/DR space savings of 10x or more with inline deduplication and compression and our own proprietary replication protocol. Set replication and snapshot policies to individual VMs or groups of VMs. Enjoy zero RPO and near zero RTO (< 30 seconds) for planned and manual failovers with a single click.
  • Self-service - Reduce dependencies on IT to accelerate business. Using Tintri self-service tools, IT generalists can administer Tintri platform to simplify tasks such as requesting capacity, performance, policies and other actions.
  • Choice - Tintri supports multiple, concurrent major hypervisors. Tintri’s deep hypervisor integrations allow for far greater automation to reduce operating expenses.

Tintri Technology

Tintri Benefits

Business Benefits


  • • Spin up and tear down applications in 98% less time than conventional storage
  • • Expand all-flash capacity in minutes—and a single click—with zero interruption
  • • Performance isolation and guaranteed performance always on and automatic—important for short-lived cloud native apps
  • • Add Tintri nodes and automatically optimize the location of every application across the footprint


  • • Reduce time spent managing storage by 95+ percent (ESG EVV Evaluation 2016)
  • • Benefit from the most efficient (60:1 deduplication and compression) all-flash storage every tested (Evaluator Group Benchmark 2016)
  • • Reduce power consumption 90+ percent

Reduce WAN usage by 95 percent Scale

  • • Grow from 17TB up to 10+ PB with the same team of IT generalists
  • • Manage more than 160,000 virtual machines from a single console

Customer satisfaction

  • • CSAT 98% percent (Tintri internal numbers

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Expand the capacity of your all-flash array in 2 minutes

“What-if” scenario planning with Tintri Analytics

Synchronous Replication for groups of like VMs

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