Phishing Response Trends South Africa: Welcome to the Jumble

South African organisations are at a higher risk of data breaches than their counterparts across the globe. The cost of data breaches to South African companies is $2.53 million (US dollars)1.

So, are South African organisations fully prepared to handle phishing threats? The findings of PhishMe’s Phishing Trends Report suggest they aren’t. In our survey of 100 South African IT executives across numerous industries:

  • Nearly 90% of respondents say they’ve dealt with a security incident originating with a deceptive email.
  • Over 50% say their biggest challenge is multiple security solutions that haven’t been integrated.
  • 56% say their phishing response ranges from “not ineffective” to only “somewhat effective.”
  • The #1 security worry is email-related threats.

Download the report to learn about the implications of PhishMe’s phishing response data and what organisations can do to improve their anti-phishing security.

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