‘Investigation at the speed of thought’ with Arbor Networks Spectrum™

 ‘Investigation at the speed of thought’ with Arbor Networks Spectrum™

“We’ve entered a new era of highly orchestrated attacks. It’s no longer just about dangerous malware getting inside the network. It’s about highly skilled attackers getting in through seemingly legitimate means, stolen credentials for example,” said Arbor Networks® President Matthew Moynahan.

Added to that 60% of enterprises are taking longer than 3 days to investigate a critical security event and the average dwell time of breaches is now greater than 200 days, the outlook for the security of business networks could be said to be somewhat bleak.

However Arbor Networks, whose Security Analytics solution won Best Cyber Security Product at the 2015 Risk Management Awards in London, has once again stepped up to the plate, with the development of Arbor Spectrum. This revolutionary new platform allows users to view global, orchestrated attacks in real-time across their entire network, and to search and prove threats on networks 10x more efficiently than ever before.

This is no upgrade! Designed completely from scratch the platform is easy to deploy and operate so Tech/IT teams can see what’s going on across the whole network, on any machine and pin point the issue as it happens and react immediately.

“The best thing about Arbor Spectrum is that you really don’t even need a novice skill level of network forensics to use it. The interface is straightforward, and it’s simple to extract important information relevant to an investigation,” said Security Operations Lead, F500 Multinational.

Arbor Spectrum really does offer ‘Investigation at the speed of thought’ allowing Tech/IT teams the chance to stop orchestrated attacks faster, minimising the damage, keeping your networks safe.

For more information about Arbor Spectrum, please contact Chantel Hamman at chantel.hamman@nu.co.za or 0827819367.


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