Networks Unlimited partner, Tintri announces support for OpenStack

South Africa's leading value-added distributor, Networks Unlimited, has announced that Tintri, its networking product partner, now offers support for OpenStack environments on Tintri’s VMstore storage platform.

Support is now available for Tintri’s OpenStack Juno release using the native OpenStack Cinder NFS driver on all Tintri storage systems running Tintri OS 3.2. Commercial support will begin with customers running OpenStack Juno with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 6, with other distributions to follow.

Tintri, a leading producer of smart storage for virtualisation and cloud environments, and corporate sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation, had previously announced support for VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO), which allows organisations to build OpenStack deployment services on top of their existing vSphere infrastructure.

“For those organisations that are looking to run OpenStack in their environments, Tintri now offers multiple support paths for using Tintri VMstore storage with OpenStack,” says Kieran Harty, co-founder and CTO of Tintri. “This continues our commitment to support Tintri’s high performance and per-VM management to provide a critical storage foundation for OpenStack implementations. Interest in OpenStack from our customers, especially cloud service providers and enterprises deploying private clouds, continues to grow. Tintri now offers organisations the choice of a cloud-based architecture based on OpenStack with the benefits of VM-level management and performance.”

Tintri will deliver a native Cinder driver, which will expose Tintri VM-aware functionality to the OpenStack framework later in 2015. Tintri plans to certify its Cinder driver with OpenStack distributions and contribute it to the community within the upstream OpenStack Liberty code base.