Scalable Solution for Data Center 40GbE Aggregation Switch System 
The Mellanox Virtual Modular Switch™ solution (VMS), comprised of Mellanox 10, 40/56, and 100GbE fixed switches, provides an ideal, optimized approach for a fixed switches aggregation. 

Mellanox offer two VMS options, 40/56GbE VMS and 100GbE VMS, both operating at ultra-low latencies and with energy efficiency. 

The 40/56GbE VMS scales up to 28.8 Tb/s of non-blocking bandwidth and up to 720 nodes of 40GbE. The 100GbE VMS scales up to 51.2 Tb/s of non-blocking bandwidth and up to 512 nodes of 100GbE. 

VMS saves on both CAPEX and OPEX. It is easy to deploy, manage, and maintain and provides a resilient solution with fast recovery from hardware failures. 

When compared to competing offerings, VMS excels with higher flexibility, better scalability, and energy efficiency, while future-proofing the investment and reducing expenses, making it the perfect solution for your network. 

VMS installation is fully automated by the VMS Wizard, an automation software that generates a connectivity plan from simple user input. After installation, it configures the fabric switches through Puppet™ manifests or CLI commands, and performs physical, layer 2, and layer 3 connectivity validations. 

The VMS Wizard integrates an enhanced Puppet agent, which implements new configuration types, such as OSPF and layer 3 interfaces for scalable fabrics. 



  • Large building blocks lead to faster ROI and improved overall network performance
  • Zero down-time
  • Superior, predictable application performance
  • Low cost, pay-as-you-grow solution. No extra equipment needs at the time of installation
  • Energy efficiency – under 6.5 Watts per port operation
  • Ease-of-use – managed by standard management tools and utilities with no proprietary technologies

Key features

High Scalability• Scales up to 720 40GbE nodes

   • Scales up to 512 100GbE nodes

High Availability• Resilient to hardware failures

  • Maintains over 90% of bandwidth

Standard solution
  • Management by standard protocols and software tools

Low Latency
   • Under 2 microseconds maximal east-west latency for all traffic profiles and packet sizes

Low Power Solution
  • Typical power consumption under 6.5 Watts per 40GbE node and under 20 Watts per 100GbE node

  • Low cost