SX1000 Series


With industry leading density, power efficiency and low latency, the SX1000 is the first non-blocking SDN switch family, providing unmatched performance advantage while lowering operating expenses. 

The SX1000 switch series enables data center applications at the highest performance for best return on investment. The SX1000 SDN switch series provides optimal spine, top of rack (ToR) and storage 40GbE switches, with split capability up to 64 ports of 10GbE. It provides non blocking throughput between rack and aggregation layer. Based on Mellanox’s SwitchX®-2 silicon and advanced hardware design this switch series packs up to 36 QSFP interfaces or up to 64 SFP+ interfaces, in an ultra dense 1U form factor. The SX1000 series features industry leading cut-through latency of 230ns, with highest power efficiency while providing optimal performance. The SX1000 switch series has a rich set of networking and application performance features that excel and enable Software Defined Networking in any data center, making these switching solutions the perfect solutions for your network, whether it is enterprise data center, financial services, Web 2.0, high performance computing or cloud computing applications.

Switches available in the SX1000 series:

36-port Non-blocking 40/56GbE Open Ethernet Spine Switch System with VM support 

48-port 10GbE + 12-port 40/56GbE Non-blocking Open Ethernet ToR Switch System with VM support 

Half-Width 12-port Non-blocking 40/56GbE Open Ethernet Switch System 

Half-Width 12-port Non-blocking 10GbE Open Ethernet Switch System 

36-port Non-blocking 40/56GbE Open Ethernet Spine Switch System 

48-port 10GbE + 12-port 40/56GbE Non-blocking Open Ethernet ToR Switch System 

48-port 10GbE + 4-port 40/56GbE Open Ethernet ToR Switch System 

64-port Non-blocking 10GbE Open Ethernet Switch System 



    • A reliable datacenter through trustworthy affordable network
    • Break free from vendor lock-in: choise of Operating systems
    • Zero Packet Loss » Learn More
    • True cut through latency
    • Lowest Power
    • Easy Scale from one to thousands of nodes and switches
    • Arranged and Organized Data Center• Supports speeds of 10/40/56GbE
      • Easy deployment
      • Easy maintenance

    • Unprecedented Performance• Line rate performance on all ports at all packet sizes
      • Storage and server applications run faster

    • Software Defined Networking (SDN) support
    • Virtual Protocol Interconnect (VPI) upgradable

Key features

    • Wire Speed Switching / Routing• Up to 2.016Tb/s
      • Up to 3B packets-per-second

    • High Density• Up to 36 40/56GbE ports
      • Up to 64 10GbE ports

    • Lowest Latency• 230nsec for 40/56GbE
      • 250nsec for 10GbE
      • Cut-through latency between ports in different speeds Lowest Power

    • Lowest Power• under 2.3 watts per port

    • VM running user applications (SX1710, SX1410)
    • Integral Layer 2 and Layer 3 support• IPv4 and IPv6

    • Mellanox NEO Cloud Networking Orchestration and Management• Maintain from 1 to 1000’S nodes and switches
      • Centralized configuration and management of the data center