Advanced Network Operating System

Mellanox's MLNX-OS is a next-generation switch operating system for data centers vastly used into storage, enterprise, high-performance computing and cloud fabrics. Building networks with MLNX-OS provides a scale of thousands of compute and storage nodes with monitoring and provisioning capabilities, whether they are Ethernet or InfiniBand.

MLNX-OS introduces a complete Ethernet L2/L3 switch protocol stack with unicast and multicast switching and routing capabilities complemented with SDN attributes for maximizing the network's administrator control over the network resource. Tailored for data centers, MLNX-OS provides a robust data center bridging package and a complete solution for lossy and lossless networks.

MLNX-OS is equipped with a complete switch chassis management function which enables network administrators to monitor and diagnose the switch hardware. With local and remote configuration and management capabilities, chassis management provides parameter information including port status with event and error logs, CPU resources, and internal temperature with alarms, to ensure low switch maintenance and high network availability.

MLNX-OS uses a common industry CLI for smooth and easy acceptance, as well an advanced graphical user interface, SNMP and XML gateway interfaces. It runs the same image across all of Mellanox InfiniBand SwitchX and SwitchIB, Virtual Protocol Interconnect (VPI) and Ethernet SwitchX-2 and Spectrum ™ switching ASIC solutions.

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