Mellanox NEO


Cloud Networking Orchestration and Management Software 

Mellanox NEO™ is a powerful platform for managing scale-out computing networks. Mellanox NEO™ enables data center operators to efficiently provision, monitor and operate the modern data center fabric. 

Mellanox NEO™ serves as interface to the fabric, thus extending existing tools capabilities into monitoring and provisioning the data center network. Mellanox NEO™ uses an extensive set of REST APIs to allow access to fabric-related data and provisioning activities. 

Mellanox NEO™ eliminates the complexity of fabric management. It automates the configuration of devices, provides deep visibility into traffic and health, and provides early detection of errors and failures.



  • Reduces complexity of fabric management
  • Provides in-depth visibility into traffic and health information
  • Network API supports integration, automation and SDN programmable fabrics
  • Historical health and performance graphs
  • Generates preventive maintenance and “soft degradation” alerts
  • Quickly troubleshoots topology and connectivity issues
  • Integrates and streamlines fabric information into your IT systems