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NetScout is the world leader in application and network performance management products and solutions.

Delivering a single view into the performance and health of all your servers, services, applications, and networks, so you can quickly pinpoint and resolve problems.

Today’s corporate enterprise is a rich and complex array of applications, services, software, and hardware. Your business and reputation rely on the “Always up” availability of these systems and services. We at NETSCOUT are in the business of keeping all these discrete pieces running in harmony and without interruption.

NetScout supports many of the world’s leading enterprise organizations and top government agencies. NetScout’s products help them navigate today’s most vexing technology challenges, such as cloud computing services, a globally outsourced workforce, distributed infrastructure, and increased mobility and collaboration.
For more than three decades, NetScout has focused on the science of leveraging network traffic to solve real-world problems.

Business Assurance

Accelerate your digital transformation with our game-changing Business Assurance lineup combining Security and Service Assurance solutions for the Enterprise.

The driving force behind Digital Transformation is the business need to utilize more information and digital assets in the corporate value chain to redefine customer experience, optimize operational processes and develop new business models

  • Deployment Readiness - Ensure business services (applications) are rolled out smoothly and meet the expectations of the user community
  • Proactive Monitoring - Continuously measure the performance of services and infrastructure to identify potential problems and plan for new services
  • Service Triage - Quickly pinpoint and resolve problems before they have significant impact on the business.

Our unique approach to Business Assurance is made possible through our ability to harness the IP Intelligence that is found in network traffic. Through our patented ASI technology, we are able to create smart data that drives superior analytics. This provides the speed necessary for IT to respond to the needs of the business at the pace that is dictated by Digital Transformation initiatives.

Proactive Service Triage

Proactive Service Triage Empowers You to Innovate with Confidence

In the era of Digital Transformation, enterprises are constantly pressured to innovate by delivering IP services faster, at scale and with higher quality. As such, service degradations and outages are not an option. NETSCOUT helps you to proactively detect and resolve service issues by harnessing the full power of IP Intelligence.

Reduce Time Wasted on Root-Cause Analysis
NETSCOUT’s nGeniusONE platform powered by Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology delivers proactive service triage that helps identify the root-cause of service issues so they can be fixed before users are impacted. The nGeniusONE platform provides insight into all service dependencies based on continuous monitoring of the infrastructure, and offers contextual workflows that help guide the user to detect the root-cause with a few clicks of a mouse. In essence, NETSCOUT enables you to:

  • Assure business service availability/continuity and protect the user experience
  • Become more agile in delivering new services faster, at scale and with higher quality
  • Reduce time spent in the war room
  • Reduce operations and support cost and complexity
  • Accelerate problem resolution capabilities by proactively detecting service degradations and resolving issues beforethey impact end-users
According to an independent, third-party survey of NETSCOUT customers by TechValidate, “80% of surveyed customers reduced the time spent in the war room resolving core service incidents from 30+ hours down to 5-10 hours using NETSCOUT.”
business assurance

Advanced Network Performance Management

Are you hunting for needles in haystacks?

Slow-downs and disruptions in business services wreak havoc on employee productivity and customer satisfaction, ultimately impacting revenue. Pinpointing the source of these problems presents its own set of challenges, further complicated by the complexity of the service and network architecture. Traffic-based intelligence is needed when diagnosing whether client services, servers, application environments or the infrastructure network is causing a problem, so you can resolve issues without costly delays.

Traffic-based intelligence speeds resolution of issues

The more you know, the better you can support your organization. Powered by Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology, nGenius Service Assurance solutions help you accurately monitor traffic across your network with deep granularity, so you can identify capacities, network, and/or services shortfalls, as well as better understand how resources are being consumed enterprise-wide. This way, you can provide a flawless user experience by achieving extraordinary service quality.

Our solution provides the information that Application and Network Architects need to:

  • Assure the network performance is optimized for business-critical services
  • Proactively manage network traffic and bandwidth to avoid congestion problems
  • Tune and prioritize traffic and services to optimize resources
  • Perform expert TCP analysis to quickly resolve performance degradations
  • Baseline current traffic patterns and application response times
  • Plan end-to-end network upgrades and capacity changes

UC & C Performance Management

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) is all about improving collaboration and boosting business productivity.

Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) Services need to be available all the time to keep you connected to your customers, prospects, partners, vendors and employees. However, managing complex UC&C environments where voice, video, video conferencing and instant messaging are more tightly coupled with other IT systems such as email, calendar, authentication and DNS systems over the converged IP network is difficult without strong performance management visibility. Traditional management tools are narrowly focused by design, and when things do go wrong, you can’t pinpoint the source of the problem if it falls outside the scope of the tool.

NETSCOUT’s nGenius solution with ASI technology provides in-depth intelligence for monitoring UC&C deployments enables and empowers IT teams to assure the availability and quality of UC&C services and achieve the desired ROI for UC&C projects. The NETSCOUT Solution provides:

  • Rapid triage of complex UC&C problems in real-time related to voice and video media performance, call signaling server performance, and network and service enablers
  • Synthetic, active-testing for automatic and routine service availability and call quality monitoring
  • Top-down approach to problem identification, service triage and resolution of issues with VoIP, SIP Trunking, Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco UC or Contact Center environments
  • Faster resolution of UC&C service issues with user ID/extension based call search and diagnostics for real-time first line support response
We support the pre-deployment planning and assessment of new UC&C services, the base-lining and rollout of those UC&C services, and can manage and monitor the ongoing operation of the those UC&C services to the highest standards of uptime and availability. NETSCOUT’s advanced technologies allow organizations to monitor the UC health, end-user experience and in-depth packets all at the same time. Our solutions:

  • Combine both active (synthetic) and passive monitoring together for TOTAL visibility
  • Work across any highly complex UC&C environments and all applications no matter the scale
  • Monitor voice, video or data applications in real-time
  • See across the broader IT environment to rapidly determine the true root cause of UC&C issues
  • Help IT professionals avoid problems and fix problems faster when they arise
Work across any and all multi-vendor environments

Products - Enterprise Product Solutions


Attain rapid and clear insights into service performance across your entire IT environment from the network, application and user community perspective. Quickly triage issues and assure extraordinary service quality from a single platform.
Genius One
The nGeniusONE® Service Assurance platform, powered by NETSCOUT’s patented Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology, provides an overarching view into the performance characteristics of all infrastructure and application components associated with delivering IP-based services, across complex multi-tier, multi-vendor, multi-location business data application services, including Unified Communications
  • Not only does the nGeniusONE platform support common call signaling issues that may impact Cisco UC and Jabber services like registration, call setup, teardown latencies, response times, errors and failures, it also triages other network-related issues like load balancing and SIP trunk interoperability issues.
  • Triage Issues Quickly – Decreases MTTR for Cisco UC and Jabber services with real-time, end-to-end, and comprehensive service visualization that enables IT teams to quickly triage service issues by pinpointing the source of voice and video call quality problems

Security Visibility

Deliver cost-effective and complete packet visibility while streamlining your monitoring architecture and reducing security risks.

Monitoring plane for the connected world

You need a unified visibility plane that allows multiple IT groups to access packet flows without creating disruptions. With NETSCOUT products, there is no off. That’s why you need the ability to make dynamic connections from any TAP point in your network to any tool.

Ready for anything

As your traffic volume grows, so too should your readiness to respond to issues as they arise. The NETSCOUT nGenius Packet Flow Switch and TAPs family enables multiple IT groups to aggregate, replicate and manage the flows of traffic throughout the network, whether it’s for application performance monitoring, Unified Communications (UC), or security. Traffic management and security enablement capabilities ensure risk-free deployment of inline security and threat detection systems.

Simplify and streamline your monitoring architecture

By combining industry-leading NETSCOUT nGenius Packet Flow Switch, passive TAP, and our highly flexible nGenius PFS management platform, we simplify traffic acquisition and distribution for diverse network traffic operations, including performance management, service delivery management, and security monitoring. Our robust family of TAPs provides InfiniStream appliances powered by Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology, and nGenius packet flow switches with full access to network traffic, while remaining transparent to the networking infrastructure and eliminating disruption to traffic or protocol transactions.

Our TAPs and nGenius Packet Flow Switches include features such as:

• Dynamic connections from any TAP point in the network to any tool
• Advanced packet conditioning, which simplifies network engineering, lowers costs, and offers better scalability of features
• Scalable, modular architecture provides seamless growth with investment protection
• Easy-to-use management platforms foster IT collaboration

Active Security:

In the ongoing race to stay ahead of advanced persistent threats and and continually improve cybersecurity posture and capabilities, organizations must take a proactive approach. NETSCOUT packet flow switches provide critical visibility to combinations of security solutions, such as inline network protection and passive out-of-band intrusion detection appliances, as well as active payload analysis offerings. PFS systems, in an active-protection deployment, increase reliability and simplify scale out. If any active inline security applications fail, they may be bypassed or traffic can be sent to another system. A unified visibility plane enables you to implement multiple security systems and create a pervasive defense architecture against a broad range of attacks

Network Analysis & Troubleshooting

OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet

The wireless companion to nGeniusONE for full WLAN lifecycle management and troubleshooting network infrastructures.

Put portable troubleshooting power into local hands

OptiView XG enables Wi-Fi and wired network infrastructure troubleshooting by local technicians, giving them the portability to go anywhere – and the visibility they need – to solve problems down to the desktop. With automated discovery, mapping of the local network and multiple functions to isolate the root cause of infrastructure-related problems, OptiView XG helps distribute problem solving throughout your organization, making everyone more effective.

Ensure Wi-Fi networks are secure and operating effectively

Integrated radios and wireless analysis software speeds planning, troubleshooting and securing WLANs. Survey sites for “dead zones” and interference, ensuring optimal performance for all users. Automated expert advice simplifies engineers’ workload and minimizes user complaints by providing instant answers to ANY wireless connectivity, performance and security issue – even engineers with minimal WLAN expertise can solve the toughest problems with OptiView XG.

Integrated into nGeniusONE for efficient workflows

nGeniusONE together with OptiView XG provides service assurance and visibility from the data center to the WAN, cloud, and remote site access layer – wired or wireless. nGeniusONE users can readily access OptiView XG remotely from nGeniusONE and provide an enterprise-wide perspective and collaborate in the troubleshooting process. 

AirMagnet Enterprise

AirMagnet Enterprise centralized wireless intrusion detection/prevention system (WIDS/WIPS) defends your wireless environment by automatically detecting, blocking, tracing and locating any threat on all Wi-Fi channels. It contains an unmatched suite of event alerting, escalation, remote troubleshooting, forensic analysis, network health check, and professional PCI and other policy compliance reporting. The end result is a unified system that scans your environment 100% of the time to ensure your WLAN is performing safely and securely and is meeting the needs of your users and applications.

Performance and reliability of a WLAN are often directly tied to the value a wireless network delivers to an organization. AirMagnet Enterprise technology has consistently been at the forefront of innovation, developing into wireless network monitoring solutions that help IT professionals identify and mitigate WLAN problems before they impact users. By digging into the root-cause of any issue and arming users with the critical tools needed to resolve problems when they happen, AirMagnet Enterprise ensures wireless networks can reliably support business-critical applications. 

AirMagnet Enterprise provides a 24x7 spectrum security solution empowering customers to enforce unified no wireless (cellular and Wi-Fi) zones. It offers detection, monitoring, and remediation of spectrum activity in a broad frequency range that includes 3G, 4G LTE, and CDMA. Activity by cellular devices like cell phones and jammers is tracked and reported. In addition, AirMagnet Enterprise monitors and reports on 4 types of cellular security violation events:

  • Mobile cellular events, e.g., calls made from a specific cellular network
  • Cellular interference events, e.g., cellular jammers
  • Non-cellular energy events, e.g., events taking place outside of the country's                                  
  • Allocated cellular bandwidth
  • Base station cellular events, e.g., base station beacons
  • Location of cellular event
  • Provide cellular operator information

AirMagnet Enterprise SmartEdge Series 6 Sensor represents the next generation in 3X3 11ac sensor technology. AirMagnet Enterprise SmartEdge Series 6 Sensor is a new generation of the AirMagnet
SmartEdge Sensor family. It features the new high performance 1.8 GHz ARM based processor, a 10/100/1000 MB Ethernet Base-T port with IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) compliance, two 802.11ac 3X3 3 stream 450mbps radios and a spectrum analyzer

Sensors that include the spectrum analyzer option can identify and monitor virtually all sources of RF activity in the unlicensed bands that 802.11 networks share with other
devices (such as cordless phones and headsets, Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens, and so on). This provides network engineers with remote visibility of the RF environment in which their WLANs operate so that they can proactively enhance their WLAN's performance and security in the face of interferers, network congestion, and security attacks.

AirMagnet Enterprise is vendor agnostic and provides an independent view into the Security & Performance status of the wireless AP infrastructure (controller and cloud-based)

Dynamic Threat Update technology speeds the creation, automation and immediate deployment of new threat signatures through the AirMagnet AirWISE® engine. As soon as any new threat definition is ready, it can be deployed with no impact to system operation, providing a unique framework for maintaining the most up-to-date wireless network security posture for the enterprise. DTU signatures are separate from the firmware image to allow quick response to new threats. DTU signature updates are seamless with no downtime to ensure you are protected against latest security threats.

AirMagnet Enterprise scans all possible 802.11 wireless network channels (including the 200 extended channels for certain sensor models), ensuring there are no blind spots where rogue devices may be hiding. AirMagnet Enterprise goes beyond Wi-Fi analysis with optional spectrum analysis that detects and classifies RF jamming attacks, Bluetooth devices and many other non-802.11 transmitter types, such as unapproved wireless cameras.

Security is not the APs primary focus, thus APs typically miss many security threats. AirMagnet Enterprise dedicated Wireless Intrusion Detection System and Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIDS/WIPS) solution provides peace of mind and assurance that your critical wireless network is protected full time, not part of the time like with Aps.