Networks Unlimited provides learnerships to 100 ICT students

One hundred technical students are set to graduate from an immersive, 12-month learnership programme within Networks Unlimited, with the skills, experience and certifications needed to kick-start their careers.

The programme – operated in partnership with The Sebata Group and the Media, Information and Communications Technologies SETA – commenced in April this year concludes at the end of June 2017.

"Running a learnership programme of this scale is an incredibly rewarding experience for the Networks Unlimited team," notes Anton Jacobsz, MD of value-added distributor for converged technology, data centre, networking, and security technology, Networks Unlimited.

"We've taken a hundred learners who have the academic essentials of system and technical support, and provided a practical environment to apply and develop their skills.

It rounds out a range of in-house internship programmes run by Networks Unlimited, that give graduates practical experience in areas such as technology, finance, sales, business administration, marketing, and HR.The learnership programme is composed of structured learning (four months) and practical work experience (eight months). Ultimately, 50 learners will graduate at the end of June next year with a NQF level 5 certification in systems support, and 50 with a NQF 4 certification in technical support.

This level of involvement in skills development is something Jacobsz says has been key to the firm's 20 years of success: "Positively engaging and enriching the individuals and the communities that surround us is a cornerstone of our business philosophy. Every member of our team understands the broader, highly connected environment in which we work and live.

"When considering where to focus our energies, we felt very strongly about creating sustainable skills development initiatives. Our vision for this programme is that with practical qualifications, our candidates can gain immediate employment – and become role models for others within their families, and their communities."

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