Networks Unlimited expands Tintri’s African footprint

Networks Unlimited recently announced that it has expanded Tintri’s global footprint by rolling out its storage solutions for the virtual enterprise across sub-Saharan and East Africa.

Tintri is the industry’s first and only VM-aware storage designed to overcome storage bottlenecks that have held customers back from virtualising more of their data centre. Since its launch in the country in 2012, it has become a formidable storage contender in the South African market – with a year-on-year growth of 227% in the last financial year. The solution is now set for further roll out beyond South Africa’s border. Networks Unlimited sells all Tintri’s products so they can offer organisations the right choice of hybid-flash or all-flash storage for their virtualised applications.

“Tintri’s market growth is attributed to customers’ increasing frustration with the complexity, cost and management overhead of dealing with traditional LUN based storage systems in their expanding virtualised landscape,” says Anton Jacobsz, managing director at Networks Unlimited.

“As the leading distributor in the southern and East African region, we are pleased to now offer all our African customers Tintri’s architecture, which is designed specifically for virtualisation and optimised for flash. Our African customers can now choose hybrid-flash or all-flash systems powered by the same operating system and real time VM-level analytics.”

The Tintri technology allows customers to address the real challenges that they are facing on a daily basis. This includes addressing performance demands of a high growth virtualised environment and scale in a predictable manner while meeting the SLAs of a business.

To address this, Tintri brought to market a VM-aware storage (VAS) platform that was designed with virtualisation in mind and not physical workloads, thereby eliminating the storage complexity in management and providing per-VM control and analytics.

“Other advantages for businesses operating throughout Africa include the fact that Tintri has the capacity to serve thousands of VMs from a single VMstore with VM-level QoS and performance isolation, offering a global view of all VMs stored and identify performance and capacity trends without dealing with underlying storage,” mentioned Tintri Regional Manager for Middle East Africa, Claudio Polla.

Further benefits for customers are that the solution instantly identifies performance hot spots at the hypervisor, network and storage level with comprehensive performance visualisation, protect VMs independently with instant zero-space snapshots and WAN-efficient replication, manages VMs and applications and not LUNs and volumes.

“Our customers are seeking independence from external vendor skills and a drive towards simplification of IT management, making Tintri well-suited to the African market,” concludes Jacobsz.

Networks Unlimited has recently opened a branch in Nairobi, and can be contacted at: +254 72 370 7718 or