Email Security

NU EmailSecurityCensorNet Email Security is a cloud based email security and backup service that scans both inbound and outbound email for viruses, phishing threats, content violations and spam.


By doing this in the cloud it removes the processing and bandwidth burden on the local email server and also provides a layer of resilience in case of local mail server failures. It can, if required, backup unlimited email for up to seven years for complete peace of mind and can also provide an emergency inbox in the event of local mail server failure, which means employees are not left without email capability due to unexpected failure.

At the core of CensorNet Email Security is a sophisticated rules engine that allows the IT administrator to customise exactly how email flows in and out of the organisation. The rules engine can inspect all aspects of email, including content, attachments, size, headers, recipients to name but a few and take appropriate action, such as quarantine, re-route, notify, reject and more.