Hybrid Web Security

NU HybridCloudCensorNet Hybrid Web Security (HWS) platform offers the best of both worlds - the security and control of an on-premise or endpoint component, together with the flexibility and mobility of a centralised cloud service.


Designed to act as an umbrella for web security across head office, branch office and remote workers, CensorNet HWS provides a single pane of glass to discover, analyse and control web activity across multiple networks and devices.

Uniquely, the CensorNet HWS platform uses a proxy-less approach which significantly reduces latency, preserves the user's real IP address and maintains privacy by allowing the browser to maintain direct communication with the designated web server if the request is allowed. This results in a fast and unobtrusive experience which does not hinder productivity or cause frustration to end users.

In addition, the follow-the-user philosophy ensures web access control passes seamlessly from desktop to laptop to mobile and therefore provides a consistent browsing experience for the end user. More sophisticated than DNS-based solutions and involving considerably less overhead than pure proxy solutions, the CensorNet HWS platform extends to networks, roaming users, standalone computers, tablet devices and BYOD – providing the IT department with complete visibility and control.

CensorNet HWS incorporates a wide range of web access control functionality such as real-time anti-malware scanning, URL reputation analysis of billions of web pages, multi-platform endpoint software and a sophisticated policy and reporting engine.