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Users want to bring their own smart phones and tablets to the workplace and yet gain quick, one-touch access to their mobile apps and enterprise resources. IT needs to keep pace with these BYOD requirements but also needs to do so by leveraging existing tools and processes. To enable both goals, Centrify's "mobile first" strategy provides integrated mobile security management features with every edition of the Centrify User Suite.
  • Mobile device and container management
  • Active Directory- or cloud-based management for simplified IT support
  • Comprehensive Group Policy-based configuration and policy management
  • Automated certificate management for strong authentication to enterprise services
  • Unified application management and single sign-on for web and mobile applications


Active Directory or Cloud-Based Device Management

  • Centralized administration within Active Directory or the Centrify Policy Service of all device security settings, profiles, certificates and restrictions means even large populations of mobile devices are easy to manage for security and compliance — with the added benefit of leveraging existing technology, skill sets and processes.
  • Group Policy-based management and enforcement of security settings, device and application restrictions allows efficient, near real-time, over-the-air management of mobile devices.
  • Device assignment to an Active Directory user associates each device to a unique user credential in Active Directory, ensuing accountability and easy reporting.
  • Automated de-provisioning occurs when an Active Directory user account is disabled or deleted, guaranteeing all policies and data are removed and computer accounts and certificates are revoked through a simple, one-click decommissioning.
  • Group-based enrollment ensures only members of a specific domain or user group can enroll mobile devices, allowing organizations to set up device policies based on business need.

Centrify's Cloud-Based Service

  • Centrify's hosted management platform makes installation and configuration simple, provides scalable device management, and easily and securely integrates with your existing on-premise Active Directory — no additional infrastructure needed.
  • A highly available, redundant service architecture supports around-the-clock operations and enterprise-class scalability.
Self-Service and Automation

  • Easy web or mobile application-based self-service enrollment enables the rapid deployment of mobile security and management across many devices with little or no administrative overhead.
  • Automated certificate enrollment secures access to Exchange, VPN and Wi-Fi connections, ensuring only assigned users can access sensitive corporate information.
Unified Platform for Mobile Device, Mac OS X and More

  • Support for multiple device platforms and release levels ensures secure management across all devices.
  • Centralizes management of your devices and systems and applications. Centrify also manages over 450 versions of UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X systems and applications, providing a unified access management platform that further secures corporate resources compared to single-purpose mobile point products.
Inventory Devices and Even Detect Jail-broken
  • An inventory of devices across your entire enterprise, organized by group or role, lets you easily track and enforce the status of both company-owned and user-owned devices.
  • An inventory of applications across your entire enterprise, organized by user, group, or device OS, ensures only authorized applications are installed for the approved users.
  • Simple administrative commands for profile update and removal, remote wipe and device lock/unlock enable quick response to critical management tasks.
  • Detect root and jail-broken devices to improve security of your environment.
Supported Platforms

Centrify's mobile security management solution supports a wide range of iOS and Android operating systems versions. In addition, Centrify provides Active Directory-centric security for over 450 versions of UNIX/Linux/Mac as well.

Device & Container MGMT

Basic Mobile Device Management

  • Automated security and configuration enforcement using either Windows Group Policy or Centrify Policy Service
  • Basic security policy enforcement supporting Wi-Fi, VPN, Exchange and passcode settings
  • Remote device administration supporting device lock, wipe or unenroll
  • User lifecycle enforcement simplifying user-based support processes (such as auto-removal of access rights, device profiles and corporate data when the user account is disabled or deleted)
  • Compromised device detection for rooted or jail-broken devices
  • Device location reporting for users to find their lost or misplaced device

Advanced Mobile Device Management

  • Full mobile device policy enforcement supporting Apple iOS, Android and Samsung Enterprise Device management (SAFE) policies
  • Certificate auto-issuance and renewal through Microsoft CA for PKI authentication to Wi-Fi, VPN and Exchange Active Sync
  • Exchange Active Sync Server Access Management through auto-management of the Allow/Block/Quarantine access rights to users' mailboxes.
  • Combine EAS Server Access Management with PKI authentication for the most stringent access policy to require device enrollment for corporate mail access leveraging your existing investments without requiring any new hardware or servers.

Mobile Container Management

  • Cross-platform container management with full support for Samsung KNOX
  • Remote container administration supporting container create, lock, and wipe
  • Full mobile container policy enforcement for complete configuration and policy management; apply container-specific policies (such as apps allowed)
  • Role-based mobile application management supporting application installation, whitelist and single sign-on service authorization control


Unified Application Management

  • Web and mobile application authentication and access management from a single console
  • Role-based mobile application management, including user-centric mobile application installation and management for custom and commercial applications on iOS and Android
  • User self-service mobile app management interface for enterprise distribution of rich mobile client apps
  • Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) support for paid mobile applications

Authentication and Single Sign-on Services

  • Zero Sign-On application access across multiple web and mobile applications
  • Authentication SDK provides Zero Sign-On for enterprise mobile applications
  • Role-based user authorization simplifies administration leveraging Active Directory or Centrify Cloud User Service
  • Mobile as multi-factor authentication token supporting one-time passcode for user authentication to the Centrify User Portal

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