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Arista's key benefits for Big Data acquisition and analysis include:

  • Removal of inter-connection bottlenecks by implementing non-blocking designs and deep per-port buffering
  • OpEx reduction through LANZ troubleshooting, zero-touch provisioning and dynamic topology configuration
  • Leveraging the best-in-class scale and robustness of the Arista EOS

Arista Big Data Perspectives with CTO/SVP of Software Engineering, Ken Duda

The drive to develop and deliver innovative products and services in the future will be fueled increasingly by companies' ability to acquire and analyze vast amounts of structured and un-structured data.

Large and small enterprises are racing to acquire this capability by leveraging the vast computing power of the public cloud and by re-engineering their data centers into private clouds.

Big Data provides a tremendous help to organizations making critical decisions that drive their businesses. At the same time, Big Data requires storing and efficiently processing terabytes or exabytes of unstructured data, which creates an extraordinary challenge for CTOs and Network Operators, requiring new and innovative technologies.

The Big Data framework is comprised of distributed file systems, databases, and data mining algorithms. For a successful implementation, Big Data deployments require a highly scalable, high-performance, and easy to manage interconnect, advanced turn-key management solutions, and familiar visualization tools.

Arista Networks switches enable an organization to build clusters that keep up with the growth in data, minimize operational expenses, and deliver sophisticated data analytics.

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