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The attributes of Network Virtualization are:

Multi-tenant segmentation: Scalable to millions of tenants and virtual machines with logical, end-to-end flow based partitions.
Workload portability: Seamless virtual machine mobility across local and wide area network segments via stateful L3 vMotion.
Multi-site Asset Utilization: Resource sharing and business continuance across data centers via network tunneling and load balancing across redundant links.
Network Abstraction from Physical to Virtual: Hardware acceleration and binding of existing physical servers, customers, network appliances, or storage devices into any virtual network segment.
Virtual Machine Aware: Ability to dynamically discover, configure, track and report the instantiation and location of virtual network segments, in concert with virtual machine moves, adds, and changes.

Industry First VXLAN Multivendor SDN Demo

Network Virtualization

Network virtualization is one of the primary building blocks for multi-tenant cloud hosting and large-scale virtual machine farms. Network virtualization technology compliments server hypervisors by enabling seamless workload mobility regardless of underlying network addressing and protocol choices. Arista is capable of bringing any combination of physical servers, storage, load balancers, firewalls, and network monitors into any virtual network segment with all of the provisioning happening seamlessly in software natively or via central controllers. These capabilities are based on hardware-accelerated virtual tunnel end-point technologies and the mapping of these between physical and virtual networking technologies.

In short, network virtualization overcomes the limitations of traditional VLANs through the use of tunneling technologies such as VXLAN and NVGRE, and includes programmable interfaces for control by cloud providers, virtualization platforms, or provisioning systems.

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