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High Performance, Feature Rich 10/40GbE Systems: 40Tbps and 512x 40GbE, 2048x 10GbE, 768x 10GBASE-T

Designed for large scale leaf / spine and Spline™ networks the Arista 7300 Series modular switches deliver industry leading density and performance with a rich choice of interface types for server leaf and spine network deployment. They combine scalable L2 and L3 features with comprehensive network monitoring, virtualization and visibility features.

Featured Video: 7300 Series

The Foundation for Spline Networking

Architected to Operate at Cloud Network Scale

  • 40Tbps system capacity / 30 Billion PPS
  • Wire speed unicast & mcast
  • Class leading latency and Dynamic Buffer Allocation
  • Scalable Leaf / Spine and Spline Designs

Optimized for Virtualization and Cloud

  • VXLAN and EOS Network Tracers
  • Provisioning & scripting with Python and ZTP
  • DANZ for advanced monitoring and traffic analysis
  • VM Tracer and LANZ for real-time traffic visibility

Comprehensive L2/L3 and 10G/40G Options

  • Choice of 32x 40G / 48x 10GBASE-T + 4x 40G / 48 x 10G-SFP + 4x 40G
  • Up to 2048x 10G or 512x 40G in a single system
  • Flexible 10GBASE-T option for 100M/1G/10G server access
  • Rich L2 and L3 resources: MAC 288K / IPv4 Hosts 208K / 16K IPv4 & 8K IPv6 routes



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