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In today’s distributed heterogeneous IT environments, one of the biggest challenges faced by organisations is the effective provisioning and more importantly de-provisioning of users. With silo’d islands of identity – distributed identity stores, password stores it is becoming increasingly difficult to provision new users as identities have to be added to these distributed identity stores which consumes valuable IT resources that could be more effectively utilised. The de-provisioning of users again requires identities to then be removed from these distributed identity stores which for many organisations proves too difficult and time-consuming resulting in the proliferation of dormant redundant accounts representing a big security issue as ex-employees still have continued access to potentially critical and sensitive systems. Centrify provides the ability, via Active Directory, to successfully provision and de-provision employee’s with the minimum of effort guaranteeing that employees will only have access to their set group role and when they leave the organisation, through de-provisioning of their one identity in Active Directory ensures that all access to all systems, applications and devices is revoked immediately and cost effectively.

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centrify enquiry logoCentrify delivers integrated software solutions that centrally control, secure and audit access to cross-platform systems, mobile devices and applications by leveraging an infrastructure you already own — Microsoft Active Directory.

Built on a common architecture, the Centrify Suite of solutions delivers secure authentication and single sign-on, role-based access control, privileged identity management, user-level auditing, server isolation and encryption of data-in-motion for the industry's broadest set of heterogeneous systems and applications.

  • Manage UNIX & Linux Identities and privileges with Active directory
  • Centrally secure Macs using existing Windows tools and processes
  • Mobile Device Management for iPhones, iPads and Androids
  • SAP & Web Single Sign-On
  • Meet compliance and audit privileged user sessions with detailed Windows session capture & replay

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