From aeroplanes to cybersecurity operations, there’s no getting away from automation, says NETSCOUT Arbor


JOHANNESBURG – July 29, 2018 – An interesting debate rears its head periodically in the aviation industry: ‘Why can’t aircraft controls be fully automated?’ Or, to put it more simply, ‘How about a world of commercial aeroplanes in which the plane flies itself without any pilots?’

The topic was under discussion at the recent Farnborough International Air Show outside London in the United Kingdom, a significant event in the international aerospace and defence industry calendar, which takes place every two years. Aerospace leader Boeing, which has built unmanned aerial vehicles for many decades, indicated at this year’s Farnborough show that it has plans for unmanned cargo craft which, it says, could be flying over urban areas in a matter of years rather than decades.

A white paper released by NETSCOUT Arbor discusses exactly this.