Fortinet’s solution for small businesses

Unified Threat Management (UTM) Buyer's Guide

As the leader of a small or medium business, you are responsible for ensuring growth and profit. Adopting new technologies increases business agility and productivity, but also opens the door to new threats.

One way to protect your business while increasing growth is to deploy an effective UTM solution. But with so many UTM vendors, how do you know which to choose?

  • Why choosing the right UTM is critical
  • What you need to know before purchase
  • Specific things to look for (in the form of a buyer’s checklist)

Enabling your small business

Today’s small and medium businesses are dealing with many challenges and opportunities. Growing business is obviously your number one priority. Business applications need to be available from anywhere, 24/7 and from any device. As technology early adopters (BYOD, cloud services, mobility), you have to deal with threats associated with your agility. Read More

SMB Global IT-Security Priorities and Preferences for 2017

An Osterman Research Survey Report

In March of 2017, Osterman Research published the results of a survey focused on small and medium business (SMB) owners to understand their priorities and preferences. While top and bottom line financial success were the most important priorities, cyber security was viewed to be critical to the success of the company and something they think about all the time.

Additional findings cover IT trends in SMBs such as:

  • Using third-parties to handle cyber security requirements
  • Employing a single vendor for security functions and wireless networking
  • Adopting a UTM approach

Consolidated Security and Networking to Simplify Your Network

Today’s business networks are becoming increasingly complicated as technology evolves and users require faster, always-available connectivity anytime, from any place. As threats rapidly increase in volume and sophistication, it gets more difficult to protect your system and applications. With the average small to medium business compromised by 4 pieces of malware, according to more than 1600 Fortinet Cyberthreat assessments in 2016, effective security is key for every business, regardless of size.

Fortinet delivers the best Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions to simplify your network infrastructure while delivering top-rated protection. With consolidation and easy management, you can focus on growing your business instead of managing your network.

If you compare UTM vendors you will find Fortinet provides:

  • Proven technology: Market share leader with more than 100,000 network security appliances sold every quarter
  • Top-rated security: Validated by NSS Labs, AV Comparative, Virus Bulletin, and more
  • Broadest integrated portfolio: Network through endpoint security, wired and wireless connectivity
  • Simple management: A single cloud-based console for all components
  • Best value: Strongest performance for price in the industry





Help Your Business Grow with a Connected UTM

Fortinet takes UTM to the next level, consolidating both IT and IT security functions. Watch this video to see how our consolidated UTM firewall works to simplify and secure your business to facilitate growth.


FortiGate UTM solutions are compact, cost-effective, all-in-one small business firewall appliances. Powered by dedicated security (rather than general purpose) processors, they delivery high performance next generation firewall, web and email filtering, data loss prevention and more- easily managed via a single console. In addition, you can solve your networking needs with extensive routing, switching, Wi-Fi, LAN, and WAN capabilities.