Outdoor WLAN Access Point - FortiAP Series

Outdoor WlanOutdoor WLAN Access Points are designed for use in challenging environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, contaminated zones and humid locations. This makes them a versatile yet cost-effective solution, ideal for all types of outdoor or harsh indoor applications such as golf courses, resorts, warehouses, stadiums, weather monitoring stations and refineries.

FortiAP Outdoor WLAN Access Points can be configured in either AP mode, Mesh mode, Bridge Mode, or as a Remote AP. In AP mode, outdoor wireless LAN access can be provided to users and guests, by leveraging the FortiGate security and authentication features. When configured as a wireless mesh client, the outdoor WLAN Access Points can deployed to meet outdoor point-to-point or point to multipoint requirements, providing wireless network coverage for large outdoor environments with no network cabling. Like all FortiAPs, Outdoor WLAN Access Points can also be used in remote locations without an onside FortiGate controller, tunneling the WiFi traffic securely over the Internet to a cloud-installed FortiGate wireless controller.

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