Cofense RSA Netwitness datasheet

cofense logoCofense® and RSA® NetWitness® Suite interoperate for Cofense® and RSA® NetWitness® Suite interoperate for visibility into one of the biggest cybersecurity risks —phishing. With many of today’s data breaches attributedto phishing, security teams require insight into adversary criminal infrastructure that can be operationalized to alert and respond to phishing threats.

Cofense Intelligence™ is 100% human-verified phishing specific threat intelligence delivered as machine-readablethreat intelligence (MRTI). Customers receive a fullyvettedsource of phishing intelligence verified by Cofense researchers. Cofense provides security teams with contextaround the criminal infrastructure to extend beyond a list of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), and enable teams to seetheir adversary’s full operation as opposed to one-offs that change rapidly. By leveraging the STIX standard, Cofense Threat Intelligence data can be imported into RSA Net Witness Suite to diagnose infected corporate systems, and proactively detect or defend against attacks before they happen.

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