Cofense™ continues to drive automation into anti-phishing programs

JOHANNESBURG – September 05, 2018 – Cofense™, a leading provider of human-focused phishing defence solutions, has added automation to its flagship product line for phishing simulations. With this update, Cofense PhishMe™ users can now strategically plan and automate the delivery of their phishing simulation programs using built-in playbooks.

Anton Jacobsz, managing director at value-added distributor Networks Unlimited, which distributes Cofense™ solutions throughout Africa, says, “The purpose of a cybersecurity ‘playbook’ is to provide all members of an organisation with a clear understanding of their responsibilities towards cybersecurity standards and accepted practices before, during and after a security incident. It includes information and plans around incident detection, response actions and communication.”

Phishing simulations mimic real-life phishing e-mail threats but provide a safe environment in which employees can fail and learn how to instinctually identify real threats in the future. Programs are designed to challenge users of various training levels and by role. Playbooks allows the program administrator to consider the various groups within an organisation and to customise and schedule up to 12 months of conditioning training.

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