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SimpliVity's IT infrastructure technology is powering modern data centres globally, from small environments to some of the world's largest global enterprises. SimpliVity's OmniStack, is a revolutionary data architecture that empowers IT teams to easily deploy scalable pools of x86 resources for the virtualised environment, and delivers the world's most efficient and functionally rich IT infrastructure.

OmniCube™ and OmniStack™:
OmniCube is a 2U VM optimised building block that assimilates core storage and server capabilities with the complete set of IT data management functionality required in today's IT environment. It delivers this functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional infrastructure products and with an extreme reduction in complexity. Two or more OmniCube systems are deployed in a network, creating an OmniCube Global Federation, a massively scalable pool of shared resources that provides intelligent data movement within and across data centres, globally and to the Cloud.

At the root of OmniCube is the underlying technology—called OmniStack™—designed for today's virtualised, cloud-enabled world. OmniStack is an innovative combination of advanced software and intelligent hardware that creates an entirely new data architecture. Fundamental to this architecture is the management of very fine grain data elements of only a few KB. This is accomplished through fast inline deduplication and compression that occurs as the data is created or ingested by the system. The intelligent management of such small data elements makes the data mobility and fluidity possible, and underlies key functionality of scale out, replication, high availability, and cloud integration. The OmniStack Solution incorporates 3 unique core innovations that SimpliVity brings to market:

  1. Virtual Resource Assimilator™: A single software stack that assimilates the functionality of multiple traditional IT infrastructure products into a single shared x86 resource pool.
  2. Data Virtualization Engine™: A novel data architecture where all data is compressed, deduplicated and optimised at inception, inline, and with no impact to application performance.
  3. Global Federated Architecture™: An intelligent network of collaborative systems that provide massive scale-out as well as a VM-centric single point of management.


Get an insight into SimpliVity and its Regional Sales Director of South Africa & Africa, Christo Briedenhann, HERE.


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