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Organizations need to build more efficient and agile security-management processes. They must transform people, skills, and programs to deliver value in the face of an increasingly sophisticated and diverse set of threats, while at the same time fulfilling complex compliance initiatives.
RSA Security Management products and services help automate and streamline the complex processes involved in compliance, risk, and threat management.
RSA Security Management delivers:

1 Visibility

Siloed data is the biggest impediment to effective security monitoring and analysis. Integrating the components of your information-security system optimizes visibility across all security products.

2 Discovery

The proliferation of sensitive data such as PII and intellectual property throughout the organization drives a need for security teams to discover the misuse of data and be agile in responding to and remediating issues.

3 Analysis

Unified risk analytics that streamline the assessment and forensic process of incidents are essential for any organization to respond rapidly to advanced threats, malware, and security risks.

4 Business Context

Understanding the impact of security risks to systems, applications, and devices is only one piece of the puzzle. In today's security and operations centres it is essential to provide business owners with dashboards that place threat and compliance issues in a business context.

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